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Spruce Multispecialty Group

Swarnpal S. Sekhon, MD


Dr. Swarnpal S. Sekhon went to medical school and residency program on scholarships before deciding to move to the United States for further studies and medical practice.  After completing internship and residency program in Internal Medicine at Texas Tech. University School of Medicine, he came back to California to practice medicine.  He practiced medicine in San Francisco Bay Area for eight years before moving to Fresno to make this city as his home. Dr. Sekhon also has M.D. degree in Alternative Medicine and Naturopathy from All India Open University, Calcutta, India.

Dr. Sekhon is an experienced and board certified Internal Medicine Physician who enjoys taking care of the most complex patients in the office as well as when admitted to the hospital.  He is equally adapted at taking care of patients admitted to the Intensive Care Units of the hospital.  Dr. Sekhon has gained recognition in the medical community in a relatively short period of time due to his hard work, superb patient care, and professionalism.  He currently serves on the St. Agnes Medical Staff Quality Committee, Credentialing Committee of St. Agnes Hospital, and the Internal Medicine Supervisory Committee of St. Agnes.  Dr. Sekhon takes pride in providing highest quality and personalized medical care to his patients.  He remains one of the few primary care physicians who will admit and follow their own patients in the hospital.

Dr. Sekhon enjoys teaching medicine as well.  Currently, he is a preceptor at Stanford University School of Medicine Primary Care Associate Program.  He regularly volunteers to provide health care services to indigent populations as well as charity run organizations.  Outside of his busy medicine practice, Dr. Sekhon enjoys staying involved in the school as well as after school activities of his daughter as well as two sons.